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Rebranding and design


  I met a young entrepreneur the other day to discuss requirements he had for rebranding his small chain of retail outlets. He had done his homework and knew his sector inside-out and was ready for the next stage of expansion. He had a vision, and as anybody in his position would be, extremely excited […]

BREXIT – When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Brexit - when the going gets tough

At least that’s what seems to be the message here in the West Midlands. BBC Regional News last night confirmed the news we had been hearing all day. The formal process of the UK leaving the EU has begun, and business leaders in the region have begun to push for increased investment in road, rail […]

Website update?… And refresh!


Recently, we have had a number of clients extremely puzzled by not being able to see the front end results on websites that they have had redeveloped or amended. It is more often than not because their caching system is caching content so that the site can run faster. i.e. We often hear the sentence […]

Emailers work!

Triflow Concepts e shot marketing

Were very pleased by the results of a client’s recent eshot that we helped them to write, design and send. In just 24 hours, the email we sent for Triflow resulted in: A record 53.73% open rate 779 people clicked through to a special offer on their website which resulted in the most sales they […]

Forty49 – Agency challenge of the week

Nothing like a challenge in the middle of the week to get you going our client Conex | Bnninger gave us a quick call Tuesday and said I need you to create a sample case of product with supporting marketing literature of one of our plumbing ranges for a new market we approaching. Sure we […]

Websites new launch, walk before you run

Hi A few simple things to remember when launching a new or recently re built company website, if you have set a target launch date in mind that is great but do not forsake the quality and content for the deadline, it is better to launch late and be right than launch with errors. Remember […]

Border Archaeology launches new website with the help of Forty49

Recently Forty49 advertising and design have had the pleasure to design and build an exciting new website for Border Archaeology based in Leominster UK. The client wanted a new brochure style website that looked clean and smart to the user, offering just enough information to encourage a response to the services they offer within a […]

Brand awareness is consistency and exposure

They all do it, over and over again; sometimes so much you do not even take notice that it is happening. It may be on the bag, the door, the TV, your phone your PC, in your Face book page. You may be wearing it, using it, driving it, washing in it, but it is […]

Listening to you in 2013

So here we are already in 2013, and the year has begun. Mark and I at Forty49 Advertising and Design want to wish you all a good start to the new year and we hope that this year is a positive one for yourselves and your business too. On that basis we would like to […]

10 great tips for designing emailers

Email in boxes are really busy places, so if emailing is part of your marketing communications, consider the following: PLAN It will remind users about you and help build a unique relationship with them – even more so if there is a value to be had. Is your topic heading of real interest? Dont just […]