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Working for Free!

We were sitting in the studio just the other day and a subject that is close to our industry cropped up… Should creative designers work for free? It is a question all creatives will face during their working career, and many of us have done work for free for one reason or another. For example […]

New website great!!! What next?

It is one of the first questions we are asked having completed a website design and build for a client. What do I do now my website is live? Well there are a lot of answers to this, so lets take them simply. The first thing I recommend, to clients is go through the website, […]

What we have been up to???

Morning all, recently Mark and I have done a fair bit of travelling around visiting our existing clients and maybe saying hello to a couple of new potentials too.We have completed a new logo for an Innovations company that is launching a new product across the UK, and we hope to be able to help […]

Christmas vacation

This Christmas I was fortunate enough to take a trip home to sunny south Africa, I have had a brilliant trip, seen family and seen sights and views that were outstanding, I would like to thank the friends and family that helped make this all possible, and wish everyone a great 2012.

Great Chamber Marketing Session

We recently completed our second hosted event for the chamber of commerce on marketing, and by all accounts it all went well… “Just a note to let you know that, I attended the Is Marketing Making You Dizzy workshop yesterday at Torrington House in Burton and it was a great success. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning […]

Are you being heard!!!

Forty49 want to know if you are being heard? The right message, at the right time, to the right audience, this is the key to getting the most out of your marketing materials. Be it a website, business card, brochure, advertising or emailer we believe and fully understand that getting a clear proposition across to […]

Make your message count.

Hayley, a client who came to us recently with a limited marketing budget, needed help to promote her business.  She had tried to do some things herself and wasn’t happy with the result. We discussed options with her and designed some no obligation concepts. Hayley loved what we designed for her and immediately commissioned us […]

Steve Jobs: 1955- 2011

It is with much sadness and respect I write this blog posting today to man that in my world has made a difference in everything I do, both professionally and personally. Steve Jobs, influenced my career and so many other like me to the point now that his products dictate my daily life and personal […]

New website

After months of pontificating we’ve finally managed to change our website. We wanted to move from the traditional brochure site to a more interactive bloggy type site, so we could have the ability to manage it regularly and keep the content fresh. After much stumbling around, aimlessly, with the likes of template sites Joomla and […]

Marketing Surgery

Hosted our first marketing surgery yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The format was very informal with 5 representatives from varying companies ranging from a bathroom company to a garment embroidery company. With 5 delegates and 3 of us huddled around a 24″ iMac, Hannah Sookias our branding and social marketing expert fronted the whole event […]

Logo Design

There are four principles that make for a great logo design. A great logo must: • follow solid basic design principles• be functional• represent the company• be unique The fundamentals include, but are not limited to space, colour, form, consistency, and clarity. It is recommended that a design professional have some influence on your logo, […]

Trouble in the UK

It is really very sad to see what has happened in London and now spreading to other parts of the UK, in these very difficult times, it makes you mad to see mindless people wrecking lives, small businesses and communities just for a few moments of their own mindless greed.I suppose the bigger issue is […]