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Copy writing is key to so much of what we do that we thought it needed its own page.

Good copy can tell a brand story, can trigger an impulse to buy or get people thinking about buying. It will put your product’s best points under your customer’s nose.

It also informs, instils trust, motivates, convinces, educates and even enchants and it is important that your writer has a thorough understanding of your product, who they are talking to and through which channel they are communicating.


Creative copy and concept – getting attention

This type of copy can arrive before, after or during the development of an idea.

Whatever the idea, we make copywriting as much part of the process as design when coming up with attention-grabbing, creative ideas for advertising and promotion.

We devise those key messages that will translate across all your marketing materials, we come up with ideas that roll out across your advertising, direct mail and website. We can get an idea across in one memorable phrase, cut to the heart of a sales promotion or create an entire brand story.

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Tone of voice and brand:

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it and that’s why it’s important to be able to put yourself in your audience’s shoes so that you can start a conversation that will appeal to him. Offering a promotion or the copy for a ‘How to…’ video is going to have a different appeal to that of a corporate brochure. One will have a chatty relaxed tone, the other will be more formal, but of course it can all depend on the brand. Even a serious document like a corporate report will have a lighter tone if it’s for Innocent Drinks than that of Barclays bank.

Understanding what the brand image is and what it conveys is part of any copywriting task we undertake for your business. Your brand values, personality and image should come shining through in your copy just as much as imagery.

Technical copy – knowledgeable and accurate

A lot of our B2B clients need more than just sales copy when speaking to professionals in their field. Being able to offer a deeper level of technical detail is expected and is assuring for your readers, so for us a complete understanding of your product or service is extremely important and we are happy to spend the time with you to do that.

Having worked with manufacturers and B2B client has given us great experience of technical writing and tend to grasp new product knowledge quickly. We are good at explaining how things work and why clearly and simply to an end user.

Datasheets, technical brochures, B2B & manufacturers websites, knowledge-based articles and technical instructions.

Translation services

Some of our clients operate in other markets so its important that we can offer a high-end translation service with linguist situated in-country. Our translation services are highly accurate and have covered European languages, those of the far and middle east and adaptations to other English language countries, with local norms and values are all taken into consideration.

Copy to sell and persuade

Here is where we try to get inside the buyers’ head, to truly understand our target audience, what they need and what drives them. We can then have a better idea of how to inspire, educate, empathise, inspire concern or sympathy or just gently guide. This might be part of an email campaign, a brochure, a video or advertising.

As an agency we are called upon to write copy for numerous pieces of marketing literature both online and in print as well as for video and have helped clients with power point presentations as well. From concept to proof reading, if you need help with copy get in touch…

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