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Advertising & promotion

Advertising & promotion

Why are we advertising or using direct mail when we have so many low-cost, online ways to promote? Advertising creates awareness about your content, can target ideal customers, stays around longer, adds credibility, and in conjunction with other avenues of messaging, amplifies that message.

Direct mail is making a come-back (or perhaps it never went away), but in terms of ROR (return on response) it can’t be beaten. However, email marketing is very much part of the mix:
51% of people prefer companies to use a combination of mail & email.
65% like to browse through both the print and online versions before making a purchase.
Source: Royal Mail

A good promotion is a combination of good ideas and logistics. We have created promotional ideas and materials for several B2B clients including integrating online with store promotions, print with exhibition planning & collateral and planning promotional logistics in partnership with our clients. Whether you need a smart online campaign or have something to shout about in print we create concepts that cut through the ‘normal’ and can help you plan and budget your campaign.

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