Last week we swapped places with our clients. Instead of helping them to get ready for an exhibition, it was us showing what we can do at Marketing showcase in Birmingham. So, it was time to take our own advice:

Before the show

  • Choose to exhibit at a show that targets the market you want to speak to.
  • Make a list of anyone who would benefit from coming to the show and invite them in advance with an eShot, including anyone you advertise with.
  • Look at the exhibitor list too. There may be ways you can help them, so take a note of who they are.
  • Have a great concept to bring what you do to life. We have a lot of services and that can take time to explain so we wanted something that what express what we do in a nutshell.
  • Get creative with the graphics, make sure they fit the brand and then use them on giveaways, the stand, literature, your website and social media.

During the show

  • Giving something to people who have taken the time to talk to you is a great way to stay top of mind after the show. Make sure it is relevant and memorable.
  • Post on social media before, during and after the show. Make sure you mention your show hosts as they will have their own channels and it can help boost your reach.
  • Make sure someone at the show is taking pictures to post too.
  • Don’t run out of business cards.
  • Have the tools you need to help you talk through your products. Whether it’s a video, an ipad presentation or a demo item. Make sure there is something engaging on the show.
  • Make a business-related offer at the show. That way you’ll know that people taking it up are those that are genuinely interested in your product.
  • Make sure you have the means to capture leads or even book appointments, and then follow them up as soon as possible as leads can go cold quickly.

Don’t forget that getting the most out of your B2B exhibition should be part of your ongoing, long term marketing strategy. Your exhibition will work best when combined with what you do online and with other traditional marketing efforts.

If you need a package that helps you get the best out of your expo, give us a shout 01283 533196.