People who conduct themselves with care, at any level of business, indicates that management is strong and considers the opinions of others in decision making. Kindness in business filters down the chain and positively infects the general work environment.
We have found that working with owner/managers who care or are considerate of colleagues get good results, not only from their staff and clients, but from suppliers like us.

Kind conduct creates better results

Most of our clients do take care in how they conduct themselves. They do business with consideration of the person they are dealing with. There are other good values such as strong leadership and decision-making that you need in a colleague. But projects and communications flow better, and resulting work can be brilliant when you are working with a considerate person.

Kindness is the differentiator

In a competitive market, what you sell is often not about what you do, but the way in which you do it. It is the person or business that is prepared to add value, to go the extra mile.  Just generally be good people to work with, that are going to stand out.

Kindness generates repeat business

People that not only have a good product, but are easy to work with, are people you’ll revisit again and again. Sometimes, even if they ‘re a little bit more expensive.

Kindness makes you memorable

An easy example is the hospitality industry. It’s the restaurant that overhears that your lunch is a special occasion and will bring in a special dessert. It’s the hotel owner that calls the doctor for you if they hear you are ill. Equally, it can just be a colleague that asks how you are that day. These are the things that makes those businesses memorable.

Kindness during Covid

During the pandemic, many businesses were able to protect their staff and give support, whilst trying to sustain their businesses.

This will have created greater loyalty and support that sees them emerging stronger after lockdown. These businesses are keeping ahead of the curve of worker’s needs.

An article in the Guardian cites a poll conducted for BritianThinks. It revealed that there is ‘a widespread appetite for a kinder society that “allows workers more time off with family and friends. That cares about the environment, and ensures high levels of employment.”

The tough guy archetype is old fashioned

There are those businesses (or individuals within business) that believe they’ll go further by squeezing as much ‘toothpaste out of the tube’ as possible. We have all had to deal with those that work through ultimatums rather than deadlines. Through being dogmatic instead of open minded, and reactionary behaviour before having a real discussion.

Those relationships can be short lived just because they are unpleasant. What is lost are the real benefits of a good relationship: going the extra mile, being proactive, creating a long-term working partnership and getting added value.

Make kindness part of the culture

Kindness is a commodity that should seep into everyday dealings with customers, your community, and suppliers. It’s not just making you memorable, it is making you part of a network that will be twice as willing to reciprocate that kindness when business is tough on you. What goes around, comes around.

If you have had experiences where kindness has made a business more memorable for you, let us know. We’d love to hear your stories.