Good photography is one of the strongest drivers in elevating your brand. Our vision is our strongest sense, so it’s going to make the most impact on us, and we are more likely to respond to it than most other forms of communication. Images give us the information to form an opinion within seconds about a product or a business on a really emotional level.

Elevate your B2B brand
Good imagery can take your product from mediocrity to magnificent. Beyond mere promotion, it can truly lift the image of a brand, and not just for the consumer marketer. B2B marketers such as machinery and equipment manufacturers are becoming more visually competitive, but photography is still often at the bottom of the marketer’s priority list and budget.
Why doesn’t a piece of works holding machinery, or a plumbing fitting get treated with the same approach you would take to shooting a state-of-the-art motorbike. In the right hands, your product will get a second look and your brand will be associated with quality, professionalism and the attributes that you want to align to your brand that only emotive imagery can conjure up.

Budgeting for photography – think long term
It makes economical sense too. Like a lot of services, with photography you get what you pay for, so it’s worth going for the best, but you’ll not only be using those images for years to come, you’ll be getting the value of their use across all content channels, POS, websites, emailers, in advertising and promotion, brochures and social media.

It’s a universal language
Just about anyone can connect with an image and at the same time you are saying something about your brand.
In the age of the ‘selfie’ and self-branding everyone is a photographer and we are used to sharing our experiences online. If you understand the technology, people are posting better pictures and we are used to seeing better imagery more and more. This visual literacy means we are going to engage more with imagery that looks good.

Explain your technical product more memorably
Manufacturers often do not have imagery that demonstrates how more specialised products work, and good, clear photography would go a long way in encouraging other publishers, and specialists in the field to share, discuss and spread the word about your product. Do you have good photography of your products in their working environment, demonstrating their particular USP or close-ups of special design features?
Good photography has always been a must to boost brands across all communications and social media is driving the need to have a good photo library planned out and ready to answer the call.

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