Did any of you see the article in the Guardian yesterday about the above? It really caught my eye as although it was related to Covid news, it was a light diversion. According to the insert, (yes it was a 6 page insert), during lockdown 40% of home workers had worked from bed at some stage or other, some of them quite regularly.

For those of us able to, working from home and home schooling has meant a blurring of home/work life. Pets and children invade online meetings, track suits have replaced work clothes, or at least from the waist down if you’re a regular on Zoom or Teams, and some of us might not get dressed at all. Perhaps staying in bed to work is just the next logical step.

Have you given it a go?

I can see the way you might just start checking your emails over the first cuppa of the day before heading for the shower but being someone who always gets up at the same time, and then goes to my office (home office at present) I was pretty amazed to be introduced to a new way of working. Amongst those enjoying the benefits of the bed office are actress Keeley Hawes, Jeremy Paxman and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Could this be a new way forward for me?

After all there are myriad benefits. Save on dressing time, it’s very comfortable, it could be your quiet haven of the house and it’s really appealing in January. But despite all that (there was even a step-by-step for setting up the perfect bed office), I decided it wasn’t for me. I got caught up by questions like, ‘Do you look at your email, or do you brush your teeth first?’, ‘Does coffee break mean making it in the kitchen and staying there to drink it, or do you bring it back to bed?’ and ‘is it worth changing out of pyjamas?’.

Let us know if you have

To stay in the right frame of mind, I think I just need a little more compartmentalising in my life. My work mode definitely needs a different environment to that of sleep/relax mode.  Besides which I think I’d get awful back ache. But it certainly got me thinking about how many of you out there are working from bed.

Are any of you out there trying it out, – or not? If so, I’d love to hear what your take is on working from that more cushioned environment. Here’s to productivity from amongst the pillows.