A brand visual audit assesses what your brand is communicating and how it is being seen across different channels and media. We quite often see brand evolving organically, without any structured process and this can result in a lack of consistency, mixed messages and visuals that aren’t recognised as your brand from one channel to the next.

Visual branding is extremely influential

Our eyes are our most powerful sense, and the human brain can process a visual image in only 13 milliseconds. Much quicker than it can process text. So, it is important that you have a planned approach to how you will communicate your brand if you want to keep consistent engagement and brand value.

Assessing the brand to ensure consistency

A brand visual audit looks at all aspects of how your brand is expressed; visually, in words, in video, interiors, online, in print and in action. During this process we check how the brand actually compares to what users are experiencing at different touch points.  It’s important that the brand is consistent across media and channels to build your brand’s trust and credibility as your business grows.

What’s involved in a brand visual audit?

  1. Gather the visual materials

We will start by having an initial consultation with you to get a better idea of your aims. We’ll then work with you to gather all visual materials from past and present, whether it is anything with a logo, your website, PR, stationery, marketing campaigns, social media and so on. We will also look at any internal business communications and directory listings too as it can often be at this point that the visual identity starts to get misused.

  1. Categorise and analyse

We organise all materials into categories of brand element including the logo, colours, key messaging and visuals. Sometimes we use a separate board for each element. Then we look for patterns that show us what needs to be addressed, often using sub-categories for some elements e.g. visuals will be broken down into photography, graphics, cgi, video etc.

  1. Show the fixes and opportunities

With everything assembled and categorised, we will be able to see any patterns and spot any opportunities. We’ll also will any recommendations if there are design fixes or updates to be made. With everything assessed it’s the perfect time for you to:

  • See if your materials measure up to your brand image and purpose.
  • Find out what you need to put in place to bring them into line.
  • Create a single source of brand materials for your team or other parties to access.
  • Check if the brand elements easy for everyone to use and understand?

Have a regular check up

Once you’ve started the process, subsequent brand visual audits won’t take too long as you will be building on what you have started. It’s a good idea to do a yearly check to keep on top of any slides in visual representation that can occur through different influences.

Checking up on your brand visuals ensures cohesion across all channels and materials, building trust and recognition of your brand wherever it appears. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about our visual audit process.

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