The second in our Marketing-made-simple series is unravelling what is meant by ‘Integrated Marketing’. Integrated marketing is not new, and you might have seen this description on marketing agency websites and other forms of promotion. We’ve realised that we can’t always expect our clients or new businesses to know the value that is brought by using an integrated agency.

A brief description

As implied, an integrated approach uses multiple strategies together, at the right time and in the right amounts to create a cohesive message for your business across all channels.

The different channels reinforce each other. It is more likely that your market will see your message wherever they are, and the right amount of impact will be created without wasting budget. e.g. it may involve a new brand identity that is promoted through their website, social networks and their printed materials, but the messaging is the same.

The job of the marketing agency is to use their expertise to design and develop the most effective combination of strategies for you.

What are the benefits of integrated marketing?

Improves results

When an agency is able to bring together and co-ordinate the best channels for your business, e.g. press releases backed up by blogs, articles and an ‘on board’ sales team. Together there is one strong, cohesive message seen multiple times across multiple channels creating measurably stronger awareness and customer confidence.

Greater brand awareness

Your market will need to see your messaging or product more than once, if you want to gain traction. An integrated approach puts your message across different channels. A prospect may not always see it in just a digital ad, but will see it if it’s on a billboard, on the radio and in their social feed as well. Recognising the brand across different platforms not only builds awareness but builds credibility.

Consistency of brand

An integrated approach brings together all visual materials into one cohesive style creating consistency and recognition of your brand across the different channels.

It saves you money

When creating an integrated campaign, agencies do so with a view to utilising materials across the different platforms. When creating designs, copy or photography, an integrated agency will have already mapped out the strategy, so will do so with other channels in mind now and in the future, so that materials have multiple use, and you get the best value for money.

E.g. If you are doing a photoshoot, an integrated agency will suggest how you can cover photography for all other elements, video and other channels at the same time instead of only thinking about those elements when they are needed. This saves money in terms of extra bookings and costs in the long run.


In a nutshell, an integrated strategy boosts your image and can create real growth for your business whilst making multiple savings. It takes time to set up integrated marketing communications, but as with anything, with good planning you’ll reap the reward.

If you’d like to know more about how an integrated approach to marketing can help boost your business, get in touch.